Omajinai Series: Meditation for Change - Success Edition

Three keys to success:
1 : Footage from five major power spots in Japan (increase your luck)
2 : Enhance your mental fortitude with encouraging pep talks from successful people (change your thought process)
3 : Relax your mind with soothing Japanese melodies and enhance concentration (generate the brain waves needed to succeed)

In order to succeed, you must first change your internal mindset to one poised for success before taking any action. The one thing all successful people have in common is their mental fortitude.

This DVD shares with you the secrets to developing a resilient samurai mindset in order to succeed.

You will then have the conviction to succeed and win no matter the odds.

Watch the DVD in a quiet place where you won' be distracted.
Practicing "omajinai" while watching is doubly effective. ("omajinai"is where you recite a charm to unconsciously act on you)
Before you know it, you will have drawn out the latent power within you and developed a resilient samurai mindset.

Five keys to success
1 : Mental strength
2 : Changing your self image
3 : Being proactive
4 : The strength to never give up
5 : Proactive perseverance

Pep talks from successful people in Japan
Baseball star Ichiro Suzuki, Olympic gold medalist in judo Toshihiko Koga, and other successful Japanese people all say the same thing: strengthening your mental fortitude is key.
They say that with that fortitude, the next step is creating tenacity and stick-to-it-iveness. Another key is their belief in the spiritual.
Their techniques are various, such as rolling up the sleeves in the batter's box and plotting a course for the ball, striking the hips three times before a match, and so forth. Japan's top salesman even places auspicious piles of salt on his desk, such as those seen outside of shops, in order to bring in good luck.


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The steps to success begin with changing your consciousness towards one where you want to succeed.
This DVD supports all those people wishing to truly succeed.
Comments from those who succeeded through our course

William A.

I had dropped out of high school and had test scores in the 40th percentile. However, I was able to pass three state examinations in one shot.
Now that I look back, I realize that one's state of mind before studying ultimately determines success or failure.
Among my friends, there are people who commit to doing something but then quickly give up. I realized that people with that mindset will fail at anything they try to achieve.
I realized that success comes down to building mental fortitude, and I used this DVD to strengthen my mindset and develop the energy and perseverance I needed. The most important thing is building that samurai mind where you follow through no matter the odds.

Cathy H.

I launched my own insurance agency at the age of 30 and dreamed of success. Within five years, though, I wasn't even able to pay rent on the office. Things were dire. My wife wanted me to get a regular job at a company, but I still wanted to succeed on my terms. It was a struggle between dreams of success and uncertainty about the future. I had heard stories about world-recognized Japanese people with mental fortitude and academic accomplishments, so I resolved that it was time for me to build the samurai mind. I watched the DVD every day, without fail. Before I knew it, I had developed resilience, and today my business is going strong.

John G.

I am a father of one. My daughter had a busy schedule, studying six days a week for high school entrance exams while also attending dance lessons. She would come home at midnight every day, then begin studying. One day, my daughter broke down in tears in front of my wife - she wanted release from this grueling schedule. I suggested stopping the dance lessons, but she wouldn't have it. One day, I learned about this program, so I suggested it to my daughter as a relaxation aid. Soon, my daughter, who had never been able to follow through on things, deftly continued her dance lessons while managing to pass the exam for an elite high school. I know she owed it to a shift in her thinking and the way she developed perseverance.

Kenny W.

I successfully dieted and dropped 10 kilos in 58 days.
Every day, I practiced weighted muscle training for about ten minutes, followed by walking 6-10 kilometers. In addition, I decreased my calorie intake. This seems like nothing, but sticking to it every day was truly tough. When I felt like giving up, I watched this DVD and practiced my charms. I owe it to this program to helping me succeed. This DVD has changed my life.

Elis B.

I am 17 years old and in high school. I used to be very shy and struggled to look people in the eye when talking to them.
A few months ago, I developed a crush on a guy at school, but I gave up hope, thinking he would never like me. However, my desire to talk to him and be with him only grew.
A friend introduced me to this DVD series, which targets all forms of success, and I figured it would help me be successful not just in love, but in my studies and future career. I would try to make free time to watch it every day, and this DVD gave me the courage I needed. I was able to approach my crush, and now we're happily dating.